Yea We Have to Do This!

Jack Spirko (left) and David Seigler (right) after a Day on Lake Tawakoni.

That was the decision my buddy David Seigler and I have come to as we have enjoyed copious amounts of every critter you can imagine, along with some veggies and starches on occasion.  Of course during our hang outs we also consume a delicious amount of “adult beverages”, hang out with our dogs, work on home food production systems and generally eat ourselves into a meat coma.

Over the past year we have really started upping the game, cooking game collected by rifles and road kill alike.  We realized about twice a month we get together at my place, eat amazing food and then generally don’t remember exactly how we made it.  So one day we thought of the idea to do an online cooking show, came up with a few ideas and during a plate of fried muscovy duck breast, twice fried Japanese purple sweet potatoes and Gochujang infused mayo, we stopped killing martinis long enough to commit to this adventure, in that moment we simply said, we have to do this!

So it may be a few weeks before our first videos are posted but once we get rolling our goal is one show a week to our new YouTube Channel.  If you want to follow this lunacy and get the cooking show you always wanted but Cable TV never gave you, get on over to the channel and subscribe.

Our goal is to include something we either grew, sourced locally, shot, caught, foraged or bartered for in every episode, which should not be a problem.  Keep abreast because we simply have to do this and it is gonna be a fun ride.

3 Comments on “Yea We Have to Do This!”

  1. Jack and David,

    Do you mind doing a Muscovy Duck Breast episode? Perhaps go into how you dressed it out, etc?
    I am raising ducks for eggs and soil building, but may want to have meat birds too.
    I have heard they suck for plucking though. Your thoughts?

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