A Souis Vide Chicken Experiment – In Jack’s Kitchen Episode 2

So I figured to get more content once in a while I would do something stand alone in my kitchen, an experiment, something well proven or something in between, today we try an experiment.

I figured we could short cut cooking whole or half chicken and get the entire thing bang on, some stuff went right, some went wrong but a LOT was learned and new experiments will follow and improve on things.

Make sure to watch the final wrap up for an honest AAR (after action review) of what went right and wrong in this cook.  Over all it wasn’t perfect but dinner was nothing to complain about.

Links promised in the video

Chef Keith Snows Seasonings – http://harvesteating.com/shopping/

Walkerswood Jamaican Seasoning – http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/aiotd-3-26-18

How to use water to “vac seal” a zip top bag – https://youtu.be/9Lh6lGj20Jw?t=1m10s



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