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So the other day I found a brand of Bloody Mary Mixer called “Rib Eye” by Bloody Revolution Mixers.  You won’t get a link because while a decent mixer, it is nothing to write home about, or to even blog about.  It was an ok mixer and one I am happy to use up but not buy again.

Still last night I had some time to myself as the wife took the grandson to Jujitsu class and fancied a bit of a “salad”, so I rimmed my glass with bacon salt, added ice, poured a solid three fingers of good vodka, added the mixer, some cracked black, real horse radish, some hot sauce then a dash of Worcestershire and filled the glass with mixer.    Now for veggies, in the fridge I found a purple carrot for a stirrer, one successfully stolen from David on our last shoot.  I was about to get into the produce drawer when an idea hit me, forage for my garnishes.

Out to the timber frame pond I went and procured some golden chard, then over to the steel garden ponds for some water cress, just in front of them was some wild garlic flowers and lambsquarters, well don’t mind if I do.  Out to the green house I went and found some cilantro, parsley and celery in one of my aquaponics beds.

Wow, this was great, so I happened to chat with David in our Zello group while sipping this thing and he said he saw one in his future.  Don’t know what he came up with exactly yet but he radio’d back later that I should tell mine she now had a sister.  By then I had to tell him the sad news, he’d have to tell his girl that her sister was dead.

Seriously this is one of the things we try to teach with our antics, food is about many things but it is when done right at least to a degree about the experience.  Now I am wondering what my foraged Mary’s will be like thoughout the growing season.  Peppers and cucumbers will be here soon, had I taken a right past the ponds I could have added some spider-wort and locust flowers last night.  We are growing so many unusual things, I think a weekly “salad in a glass” like this might be fun.

In a few weeks we will have peppery nasturtiums to play with, perhaps wild Turks Cap flowers too.  Just getting ready to start water spinach and water celery as well.  Even growing something this year with the common name “Lady’s Slipper” (proper name is Achocha, yea I can’t pronounce it either), tastes like peppers to a degree but a cucumber relative that grows on a vine with let’s call it an unusual leaf shape.  Man this alone could be fun and it shows you can enjoy great food without complex recipes or cooking.

So have you ever made a “Foraged Mary” if so share yours with us, and may be David will give us a rundown on what he made last night.

On that note, make sure to follow us on Instagram.  Not a ton there and we are just learning to use it ourselves, but our plan is to make it grade A food porn!  I am sure we will post tons of stuff there that won’t be blogged about here.  For instance tonight David and I along with our wives are going somewhere super cool to have some super cool food, with some super cool people.  Follow us to join in on the fun.

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