Episode 5 Dead Cow Chow

Today we have Episode 5- Dead Cow Chow – AKA Snack Peppers and Cow Flesh 2 of 2.  Just some more fun on a Saturday with completely disturbing conversations as always.  After filling up on Jerk Bird Salad and Snack Peppers with a half a slab of bacon on them, we turn our sights to the main dish.

Sous Vide Ribeyes, these were coated the night before with my personal special steak seasoning (recipe is in the episode), vac sealed, placed in the Sous Vide cooker to 140 for one hour, then fast seared on the grill.  Honestly unless you have a dedicated searing burner the grill is not the best way to do this but it worked fine due to left over bacon grease.  The best thing is a smoking hot cast iron skillet for searing off sous vide steaks.

We also whip up my Mushrooms and Greens in Shallot and Brown Butter Sauce with Bourbon Reduction.  This is an amazing dish, simple to do, it looks cool when you ignite the bourbon and people love it.  My wife who for our first 20 years together insisted she hated mushrooms now asks me to make this every time we have guests and at least a few times a month.  The order I do things in this video with this dish is IMPORTANT, do it out of sequence (I have) and you end up with burnt shrooms, like charcoal shrooms.  In the words of Alton Brown, not good eats.  If you add bacon do it at the VERY end, like after you shut off the heat.

The Sous Vide Cooker I settled on after trying a few is the Anova 800 Watt Cooker.  I used a few others and they were either not as reliable or in the case of the Chef Steps Joule crapped out after about 6 months of use.

We also nip into some patented Seigler Martinis with dinner, and he gives away his secret on them.  Some people say that you should not have a cocktail with your meal.  They are for either before or after or even both but not during.  That during a meal you should only consume beer, wine or non alcoholic beverage.

Such people are rat bastards and not to be trusted.  Seriously that is a thing, you can learn about such things if you give a shit in this book.  I had to know shit like this when I was in corporate sales and half of my job was eating meals with people I didn’t even want to say hello to, I am happier now, a lot happier.

So enjoy our continued antics and let us know any questions you have, suggestions you have and what else you want us to do.  Oh as always the dogs got plenty, some people think it is wrong to feed dogs such great food, again such people are rat bastards and not to be trusted.  The service and companionship these dogs provide is worth a few chunks of dead cow flesh and a bit of bacon!




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